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The right size ear plug

When wanting to wear ear plugs it is extremely important to ensure you have the right fit, especially when wearing them for the purpose of sleeping. The best way to conclude if the size of the ear plug truly fits is to tilt your head back or to the side as this cause significant anatomical changes in the ear canal, mostly a reduction of the ear canal diameter, so if the ear plug is too large, comfort can be compromised.  The same goes if the ear plug is too small.

Sleep ear plugs are often used to prevent the sound of snoring disturbing sleep. There are many types and forms of ear plugs including, mouldable, custom moulds, filtered ear plugs, reusable and disposable ear plugs. Then they can be separated into a category that they best suit for instance, swimming ear plugs, NRR (noise reduction rating) ear plugs, children’s ear plugs and so on.

Ear plugs are incredibly important to wear when surrounded by sounds that exceed over 85dB (decibels) as after a short amount of time (depending on the level of noise) this can become damaging to hearing.  Hearing damage, loss, tinnitus and infections can be the side effects of exposure to loud sounds for a long period time, which is why it is always best to have your ears protected.

Rob Doole is Managing Director at allearplugs.com. Check out Google+ for his latest updates.

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