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Why Swimmers wear ear plugs


swimmers divingAny swimmer knows that concentration is one of the most important aspects of winning a race. You need to concentrate on your stroke, position and of course the wall ahead. Any tiny distraction, such as water entering the ear canal, can prevent you from concentrating on the task at hand or help you lose track of the endgame.

A pair of ear plugs that are designed specifically to prevent water from entering the ear you can regain full control and concentrate on winning the race rather than worrying about the pain in your ears.

A main concern for professional swimmers is not just fitness, but also health, specifically your hearing. We are all aware of the importance of water when it comes to our health, but did you know it can be damaging to our hearing? Swimmer's ear or Otitis externa is an extremely painful condition, which is more commonly found in children rather than adults, but it’s not unheard of.

If the right ear care is not taken when doing water sports such as swimming, it has been said up 10% of the population can develop this infection, that’s 800,000,000 people worldwide! What is even more remarkable, is that any water in the ear canal can trigger this infection, even water from a bath or shower.

Swimmer’s Ear is an easily recognisable condition. The symptoms include:

    * Inflamed ears
    * Extreme discomfort and pain
    * Ear canal may itch
    * Swelling
    * Ringing (tinnitus)
    * Your ear may drain, which can be clear, white or yellow in colour and in some cases bloody

However, Swimmer’s Ear can easily be cured with many suffers taking treatment at home, but if you are worried about the effects, seek medical advice from your GP.


When it comes to treating this infection, slowly doesn’t win the race, the faster you catch it the quicker you will be able to get rid of it. If you leave it, thinking that by giving it time, your body will naturally fight against it, you will discover the symptoms will escalate and cause further pain and discomfort. The best ways to help treat this condition includes:

Avoid the temptation to remove any drainage from the ear.

Apply heat to the ear, this can bring relief from the pain.

Take aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen, if you are not allergic to these medications.

Use ear drops that have been prescribed by your doctor.

Top Tip: Prevention lies with Ear plugs for swimming. These ear plugs are generally used to prevent the cause of an ear infection such as swimmers ear, which can be cause by spending too much time in the water.

Swimming is amazing for the body, but getting the message across to take precaution for your hearing when swimming is extremely important. The Beijing Olympic and World Championship Swimming Medallist 2009, Joanne Jackson has been sponsored by Cirrus Healthcare. The professional swimmer is also known to wear BioEars and ClearEars to help her take care of her hearing and concentrate on winning those Olympic races.

BioEars are fantastic ear plugs for swimming as they can be rolled and shaped into the size and shape of any ear. They’re also constructed out of antimicrobial material, which extends the life of the ear plugs. If you’re training for a race, concentration is key and with BioEars you’ll be able to swim knowing noises are blocked and you’ll have hardly any distractions.

However, ClearEars are the new revolutionary ear plugs that have been designed and produced by Cirrus Healthcare. They’re ideally used after a swim as these ear plugs are designed to draw out the water in your ears. This happens as the ear plugs are constructed of an absorbent material, which acts quickly and conveniently.

Another ear plug that is recommended by swimmers is the ProGuard Custom Swimmer Ear Plug, which has been designed specifically to mould to shape of your ear. Having a tight fit will help prevent water from entering the canal and causing an infection. They’re also constructed of the finest non-allergenic, medical grade silicon materials, making them one of the safest, most comfortable and effective ear plugs available on the market today.

Recommended swimming ear plugs for children are the Alpine Pluggies Swim Ear Plugs, which are double flanged thermo ear plugs that give children the perfect fit and reduces noise levels, yet allows speech to be audible. Mack’s Children Pillow Soft Ear Plugs are also ideal to be worn by children as they can be used for a variety of circumstances. These ear plugs are not only suitable for swimming they’re great for general use and sleeping as well.

If your child already has swimmer’s ear or grommets it is advised:

    * Not to swim for two weeks without ear plugs (surface swimming is allowed)
    * Wear ear plugs if your child wants to dive or go under water
    * Use an earband to prevent the ear plugs from falling out and to increase protection against water getting into the ears
    * Wear ear plugs whilst in the bath, shower and when you’re washing your hair

Rob Doole is Managing Director at allearplugs.com. Check out Google+ for his latest updates.

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